Mid Nordic Film Network has been established year 2013 to contribute regional cooperation in the field of cinema. Network includes Finland, Sweden and Norway. Cross-Border Midnordic Film (CMF) project aims to raise the visibility and distribution of films produced in the Midnordic region. Project includes Finland, Sweden and Norway.

Project implementation

Project begins with a pilot study of the situation in the Midnordic region. Where in the Midnordic region can viewers see films? The three countries have both similarities and disparities and different experiences of showing films both at and outside cinemas.

The second stage of the project includes making an inventory of how films are produced in the Midnordic region (feature films, short films, animations, documentaries) and to what extent these films are distributed or shown in the other Nordic countries.

Then films will be put together into a DCP and DVD package that consists of three feature films, one film from each country, as well as a number of short films, produced in the Midnordic region.

The project’s third and last part comprises showing this package in a number of selected places in the Midnordic region. The showing tour is organised in the form of a Midnordic film day arranged in different places.